Easy Chicken Shawarma 

30 Minute Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma

This quick sheet pan dish features the best Middle Eastern flavors + it's so easy. This oven baked recipe delivers crispy perfection in just 30 minutes, this easy and budget-friendly dish is bursting with authentic Middle Eastern flavors. Prepare to be wowed by juicy, tender chicken thighs infused with aromatic spices, all without the hefty price tag or long wait times. 

Easy Chicken Shawarma

Anne Murray, MS, RD
This easy sheet pan meal packs all the flavor and it's one of my go-to's and you need to add it into your rotation too.
Easy & Fast: Minimal prep, marinating overnight yields maximum flavor, and the oven does the work.
Flavorful & Authentic: Whole Foods' marinade delivers depth, while the high-heat bake seals in deliciousness.
Budget-Friendly: Uses readily available ingredients for a restaurant-worthy meal at home.
Customizable: Swap proteins, adjust spice levels, and add your favorite toppings for endless variations.
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course dinner
Cuisine healthy, Mediterranean, middle eastern
Servings 4 people


  • Oven


  • 2 lbs Chicken Thighs (Boneless)
  • 1 jar Shawarma Marinade Jar Whole Foods Brand


  • Marinate chicken thighs in a glass dish by pouring in jar of shawarma marinade.
  • Marinate for at least one hour and up to 24 hours
  • Preheat oven to 500 degrees
  • Place marinated chicken thighs on sheet pan, evenly spread out
  • Roast in oven for 30 minutes, flipping halfway through
  • Remove from oven, let rest for 5 minutes and slice into pieces to assemble
  • Pair and serve with greens, rice, pickled onions, vegetables or my 2 ingredient naan!


365 by Whole Foods Market, Sauce Shawarma, 12 Ounce : Amazon.in: Grocery &  Gourmet Foods
This Whole Foods marinade is top tier! 
Dietary Adaptations:
  • Gluten-free: Ensure all other ingredients, including the Whole Foods marinade, are gluten-free. Use gluten-free pita bread or lettuce wraps for serving.
  • Dairy-free: Substitute tahini sauce with a dairy-free yogurt sauce or hummus. Opt for vegan pita bread if needed.
  • Low-carb: Serve with low-carb options like lettuce wraps or cauliflower rice instead of pita bread.
Serving Suggestions:
  • Toppings: Offer a variety of toppings like chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, fresh herbs (cilantro, mint), pickled onions, and crumbled feta cheese.
  • Sauces: Serve with tahini sauce, tzatziki sauce, or your favorite yogurt sauce.
  • Sides: Pair with couscous, rice, quinoa, roasted vegetables, or a simple salad.
  • Homemade Naan: Try my high protein 2 ingredient instant naan
  • Shred leftover chicken and use it in salads, tacos, wraps, or sandwiches.
  • Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat in the oven or microwave until warmed through
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