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Wonder what it would be like to have all of your meals planned for you? Check out these meal plans that include a variety of real whole foods, cooking at home doesn't have to be hard, and the best part is, everything is customizable. Have it your way by optimizing nutrition to fit your needs.

Plant Based Meal Plan

Plant based rich meal plan
This meal plan focuses on incorporating more plant rich foods into your diet. It includes a variety of meals with a balance of carbohydrate, protein, fiber and healthy fat. All recipes are customizable and can be altered to fit your needs. Some recipes include animal protein, which can be substituted if needed, you can also add animal protein to these recipes if you need to! It's all up to your preferences. Focusing on eating more real whole food through this plan to support overall health.
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3 Day Meal Plan

3 day meal plan nourishedbyanne rd
This 3 day meal plan gives you an idea of what recipes you can make using REAL WHOLE FOODS. The best part is you can customize the meal to make it YOUR way. This guide is an example of meal planning developed by Registered Dietitian Anne Murray. If you are looking for a specific meal plan to fit your individual needs, we can work together to create something perfect for you and your lifestyle.
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7 Day Meal Plan

This 7 day meal plan includes healthy recipes including breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks to keep you feeling energized and satisfied. All recipes are designed to have a balance of energy from carbohydrate, protein, fiber and fat. This 7 day sample meal plan is a guide to inspire you in the kitchen, for customized and personalized meal plans contact Anne directly.
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