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Anne specializes in creating unique and healthy food content for brands, Working with companies to help them showcase their products in a visually appealing and informative way, using her expertise in recipe development, food photography, and videography. Whether you're looking for a simple recipe video or a more elaborate photo shoot, Anne is here to help you create content that will capture your audience's attention and achieve your marketing goals. Contact us today to learn more about how to showcase your brand in a unique and healthy way.
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Your Partner in Promoting Wellness

If you are looking for a spokesperson to represent your brand in the media, Anne is happy to be the nutrition resource and face of your product, given it aligns with shared core values. Open to representing through media, prints, TV segments and satellite media tours. Let’s work together to solidify your brands messaging to health conscious consumers.

If you have a brand that you feel aligns with the values of nourished by Anne, contact us by filling out this survey and giving more information about your brand. We will be in touch soon!
Elevate your brand with Anne

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