Healthy Ways to Order at Starbucks

If you like coffee, the healthiest way to order it is black without milk, sugar or cream. But if that's not your flavor - no problem, there's ways to make it taste good without adding LOADS of extra sugar, calories and fat into your drink. If you do like sweeter coffee here is healthier options for you:

  • Hot / Iced Coffee: Americano (espresso + water) black or add a *splash of almond milk* Starbucks almond milk IS sweetened, but if you ask for a splash of almond milk, they will give you a nice ratio, rather than ordering "with almond milk" where they can fill up the cup mostly with milk. Take it how you like it. 
  • STAY AWAY FROM *SKINNY DRINKS* They are made with sugar-free syrups. I am not a fan of sugar free syrup as they can cause gut irritation, potential delayed sugar cravings and they just don't taste good. I'd rather have the real thing in a portioned amount. 
  • Macchiatos: These come with espresso, whole milk, and syrup, a good way to order a macchiato with less sugar and fat is by asking for a skim milk or almond milk with half the amount of syrup (example grande usually has 4 pumps of vanilla, you can ask for 2 instead)
  • Frappuccino: These are packed with sugar, a great substitute for this is asking for a cold brew unsweetened with almond milk blended, (it's the same consistency as a frappuccino, but can save you up to 400 calories and 30g of sugar)
  • Cold brew: Better for coffee drinkers who have acid reflux, the cold brew has slightly lower acidity compared to regular brewed coffee. 
  • Just for caffeine: Order a doppio espresso shot, it is just two shots in a small cup that you can drink quickly for caffeine with only 5 calories.
  • Teas:
    • When you order a tea they sometimes come with up to 6 pumps of classic syrup in a Venti (that's 30 grams of sugar) - Ask for tea without sweetener, and you can mention that you want “light water” if you would like for the tea to be stronger. I like ordering it with "light ice" as well to get more drink to ice ratio. 
    • Matcha at Starbucks, matcha can be great for health, but Starbucks matcha mix has added sugar in it, consider ordering an unsweetened green tea if you want to keep your sugar to a minimum. You can make a higher quality matcha at home that is WAY better I promise - I will even show you how in this video 

Happy Starbucks Ordering!

Check out this video if you want to know how to order a "healthier pumpkin spice latte"

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