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What might be holding you back from weight loss

Something you should know about weight loss: When trying to lose weight or shed fat, it can be hard enough with all of the conflicting information out there. Here are a few common reasons that some of my clients generally can't seem to shed those last few pounds. Each person is different and there are […]

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How to get your Spring Break Body

We all want to look and feel our best going into the warmer months. It is important to create healthy habits and aim for realistic and sustainable goals. Here are a few ways you can start: If you want more personal guidance on specific recommendations and individualized programming, schedule a free 15 minute call with […]

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Natural Healing - Flu Season

Ever wonder what causes “flu season” ? We are staying indoors because of cold weather which turns into lack of exercise, potentially overeating and falling into less healthy habits overall. These factors weaken your immune system, in the winter our vitamin D levels are typically lower because we can’t get out in the sunshine as […]

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Travel like a Nutrition Expert

When traveling this season there’s a few things you can do to stay prepared to stay healthy and on track with your goals. Traveling can be unpredictable with long lines at the airport, delayed and canceled flights and so much more. That’s why it’s important to show up with a plan so if you run […]

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Right before the holidays is a perfect time to get things in check and kick your nutrition and wellness routines into high gear. Creating these habits now can help you stay on track through the busier upcoming months and keep your health thriving.  Say yes to meals at home. Cooking at least 75% of your […]

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Healthy Ways to Order at Starbucks

If you like coffee, the healthiest way to order it is black without milk, sugar or cream. But if that's not your flavor - no problem, there's ways to make it taste good without adding LOADS of extra sugar, calories and fat into your drink. If you do like sweeter coffee here is healthier options […]

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Sprouts Grocery List

If you know me, you know I love shopping at sprouts because they have everything I need and amazing prices. I wanted to share some of my go-to’s when shopping at Sprouts. Dry Goods: Sourdough bread (on occasion) Dave’s killer bread (good seed) La Tortilla factory brand low carb tortillas or Ezekiel wraps Brown unsalted rice […]

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3 Reasons to Cook with Ghee Butter

Ghee is a variation of clarified butter that originated in India, it's made by gently heating up unsalted butter until the milk solids evaporate. This process is what gives it a higher smoke point, and makes it free of lactose. Now that you know the science behind how it's made, let's take a look at […]

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Finals

1.) Make a plan for the day, and a plan for the week. Write out all of the things you need to do instead of letting them take up space in your mind. My favorite way of doing this is making 3 categories of things I need to do. 1.) Things that need to be done […]

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How to Build a Balanced Bowl

Let's break it down we need staple items in each eat to get the right nutrition. We need: Carbohydrates Protein Fat Fiber This keeps our blood sugar controlled, hunger satisfied, energy sustained, and taste buds happy!

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