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If you are a coffee lover like me and live in Kansas City, you have come to the right place. Coffee brings the bright energy and smiles to the mornings and happiness to the grouchy people at work, it is the most important part of the day, so you might as well find the best cup you can. Here are some of my favorite places around town.
Parisi Coffee
  • Parisi is an artisan coffee shop, they specialize in their brewing method and pour over techniques. My favorite part about Parisi is the caffeine content of their coffee. This is STRONG COFFEE, without the bitter aftertaste or unpleasant smell. I usually order a cold brew in the summer and warm espresso in the winter. The ambiance is more of an upscale pricey hipster coffee bar, great to chat or bring your laptop in and get some work done. *tip* they do have a rewards program, so ask and give them your phone number after ordering.
Crows Coffee
  • This is a cute laid back coffee shop with good prices and smooth coffee. The coffee is offered in three sizes, but each size only has two espresso shots in them, so if you’re looking for a stronger buzz, add another double shot and you’ll walk out feeling great. This shop has a cool vibe, but definitely not ideal for getting work done, so go on a date, chat with friends and enjoy the coffee.
The Roasterie
  • This place has a newer, hipster vibe and lots of options to choose from on the menu if you are not into weird artisan coffee types you don’t know how to pronounce. The roasterie has a good nitro cold brew, and a good amount of space and noise level is low enough to get work done. Early mornings here are the best time to go, talk to the baristas and get to know them, they are super personable and kind unlike a lot of high-end coffee shop baristas.

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