What might be holding you back from weight loss


Something you should know about weight loss:

When trying to lose weight or shed fat, it can be hard enough with all of the conflicting information out there. Here are a few common reasons that some of my clients generally can't seem to shed those last few pounds. Each person is different and there are many factors contributing to weight, if you want to look into that, I offer one on one nutrition coaching to dive deep into what's REALLY going on and help tailor you a specific plan to fit your needs.

- You snack on "healthy" snacks, but have too much. Trail mix is a great example snack that contains healthy fats, protein and dried fruits, when eaten in excess this high calorie energy dense food can add extra calories to your daily intake. 

-You starve yourself during the day and binge eat at night. It is important to eat balanced meals throughout the day to have adequate energy, nourishment, satiety and blood sugar balance. By eating a balanced breakfast, lunch and snack it can help prevent overeating at night time. 

-You aren't sleeping enough, sleep is vital to our health and the lack of sleep can lead to hormonal disruption and increasing the hungry hormone "ghrelin", causing you to crave more food.

-You are eating foods with hidden added sugars. These sneaky sugars are in many foods, but when consumed in high amounts they can exceed your energy needs and interfere with weight loss. Watch out for "healthy: foods high in added sugar, like beef jerky, smoothies and juices, protein snack bars, yogurt and granola. 

Tips to support overall health and control weight 

1. Get enough sleep to support your overall health and nourish your hormones.

2. Eat enough during the day to prevent from binge eating at night

3. Build a balanced plate. Include carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein at every meal to maximize nutrition and satiety 

4. Pack easy snacks for on the go like hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, and fruit! Follow the protein + produce combo rule for snacks

5. Everything in moderation, you can still enjoy the foods you love while managing weight. Focus on building balanced plates. getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. The basics are a foundation of health.

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