5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Finals

1.) Make a plan for the day, and a plan for the week. Write out all of the things you need to do instead of letting them take up space in your mind. My favorite way of doing this is making 3 categories of things I need to do. 1.) Things that need to be done […]

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How to Build a Balanced Bowl

Let's break it down we need staple items in each eat to get the right nutrition. We need: Carbohydrates Protein Fat Fiber This keeps our blood sugar controlled, hunger satisfied, energy sustained, and taste buds happy!

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5 of my Favorite Things - Beauty Edition

Here are some things I am loving this summer / heading into fall of 2021 1.) Always start with skincare - I am not a guru on skincare but I do keep it SIMPLE and that is what works for me. I've been using this facewash and moisturizer for years and it does the trick […]

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